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Test Your Skills, Join the Mobile Legends Competition from UniPin

The long-awaited online tournament Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pandawa Five Tournament finally started. UniPin, the Official Payment Partner who has officially collaborated with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also became the main sponsor of the Tournament. Don’t miss the Tournament, here’s the schedule:

  • Registration will start on: 20 – 26 November 2022
  • Online Qualifying Match: 1 – 7 December 2022
  • Main Event: 15 – 17 December 2022

For convenience, while participating in this competition please read the competition rules Mobile Legends below in detail.

Mobile Legends Tournament Rules

Irithel Jungle Heart

  • In the group stage, each match round must choose a Draft Pick Mode.
  • The group stage will use the Best of 1 elimination round (Win or lose will be decided by only 1 game)
  • The Best Of 3 system will be implemented in the Quarterfinals and Semi-Finals using the Draft Pick Custom Mode. Every match in this round will be broadcast live on the Official Platform (Fanpage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)
  • Each registered player must use an account whose ID and Server have been registered at the time of registration.
  • Skin use is allowed
  • Teams that qualify for the Final round must attend the Venue on the specified date. MLBB will not provide uniforms, travel and accommodation. However, each team will get a subsidy. Specific details and details will be confirmed and announced after the quarter-finals.

Match Preparation

After registration is closed, the Official MLBB will announce the details of the match schedule (Group and Brackets will be divided at random by the Official)

All teams will be randomly divided into 8 groups. MLBB will provide a contact person for the committee in charge – tommy (whatsapp number 6285810563435). The Squad Leader will then be contacted by the Official via whatsapp, then the Leaders will be invited to the specified group – MPLT Group A – H. To facilitate the online qualification process.

The Squad Leader must exchange In Game ID to the opposing Squad Leader to make it easier to create rooms during the tournament. (Make sure the ID provided is correct)

Both Squad Leaders must confirm and inform their members about the match schedule so that there is no miscommunication

For issues that occur when Add Friend, Compete, or Collect match results. Please see the “Special Notes” section below.

Start the match

At the appointed time, one of the Squad Leaders must prepare the game in Draft Pick Mode, and invite other Squad Leaders to join;

After the two Squad Leaders have entered the room, they must invite each Squad member to enter the room. Please make sure your opponent’s Flag and your opponent’s In Game ID are correct.

After both parties confirm the Flag and the In-Game Identity of the opposing player, the match can start until the match ends.

Match Results

Please collect the results in the form of screenshots in the comments column for the announcements made by MLBB. Also include your Squad name to make it easier.

Please collect the screenshot of the match results to the Post Bracet that has been provided before the deadline. If the player is late in collecting the match results, then this will be the responsibility of the player.

Special note

If during the match, the server experiences problems, MLBB will reschedule the match. However, if there is no official announcement, the match will continue as usual. Player should be responsible if they lose the match result due to Lag problem. Before the game starts, make sure the connection you are using doesn’t have a problem.

If both parties cannot confirm the time of the match, or if 1 team is incomplete and cannot compete after the deadline determined by the committee, then the match will be considered invalid and the team that does not participate or cannot attend in full will be eliminated (Must be screenshots are included and the Squad Leader must explain the situation).

MLBB Pandawa Lime Tournament

If the Squad Leader does not respond or reply to an invite from a Squad that is ready to compete, or the Squad Leader’s Friend List is full, then please report it to the Official with a screenshot. After the specified deadline, the problematic team will be disqualified and eliminated from the tournament.

If both teams have agreed and confirmed the match schedule, then when the time set by the Squad Leader cannot be contacted within 20 minutes, then report it to the Official with a screenshot and explanation of the problem. The problematic team will be disqualified and eliminated from the tournament.

If the Squad Leader doesn’t get a reply after the opponent’s Add In Game ID, or the opposing Squad Leader’s Friend List is full and can’t add anyone else. Please report to the Committee with screenshot evidence and an explanation of the problems that occurred. If the match is not completed or does not meet the predetermined deadline, your Squad opponent will be eliminated.

If there is a data synchronization issue during a match that results in inconsistent match results for both sides, then the MLBB dev team should confirm the issue, and the two lead captains will decide whether or not there is a need for a rematch.

Players who use cheating methods to report match results (using Photoshop or similar apps), then the squad will be eliminated from the tournament.

Both teams must ensure that the internet connection and the devices they use run smoothly during the match (Recommendation: Play using a stable Wi-Fi and also a full HP battery power) When a player disconnects or experiences Lag problems during the match, the match will not be replayable.

Players are not allowed to insult or disturb other teams by using chat or inappropriate language, if there is a report that a Squad has done this, then that team will be disqualified and prohibited from continuing the tournament.

Players are not allowed to use cheats or the like that are detrimental to their opponents. If this is known by the committee, then the player in question will be permanently banned by us.

All Squad Leaders must be able to cooperate with MLBB Officials during the tournament.

Participating players are not allowed to Boost or Use third party accounts to share match results. If things are found that are detrimental to the participating players, the party concerned will receive punishment from the Developer.

Please read carefully the rules above, so that there are no mistakes when you join the Tournamet.

UniPin as the main sponsor and Official Payment Partner hopes that with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pandawa Five Tournament this, can have a positive impact on the mobile game industry and UniPin can always contribute to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament which will be held in the future.