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Superman Actor Reportedly Becomes New James Bond

Previously actor from series Poldark, Ardian Turner proclaimed to be a substitute Daniel Craig. But these past few days, actor Henry Cavill who is charming through her scenes with costumes Superman this is rumored to be James Bond next. The news about the superman actor who will replace Daniel has spread widely, reaching his ears.

Henry is not very confident in playing James Bond. But he also will not refuse if he gets the gold offer. Currently, Henry himself is still busy doing activities related to Superman.

As reported FoxNews, “I did hear about it. But I don’t know if the news is true or not,” Henry said in an interview BBC1.

Henry added, “Right now, I’m still busy with Superman. But I wouldn’t refuse to play the character of James Bond either. I would gladly do it.”

Henry Cavill is known as an actor who has great taste. All of that is seen when he plays the character of Superman, so this DC film looks very real. Henry himself was satisfied with his work.

“I really enjoy setting certain goals that I can achieve. I want to look better when I play a certain character,” said Henry Cavill.

With one more person added, James Bond now has five actors who will be candidates. Starting from Henry Cavill, Aidan Turner, Idris Elba, Damian Lewis, until Tom Hardy. Who will be the next James Bond? Wait for further information only at Dafunda.