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Street Fighter V Game Mode In Latest Trailer

Capcom has released trailers latest forStreet Fighter V”which introduces various game modes that you can play in the game fighting the. When launched, you can enjoy six game modes.

  • Fashion Tutorials: Used to recognize the system Street Fighter V. Here, you will control the younger version of Ryu.
  • Character Story Mode: Fashion single player to identify the story of each of the 16 characters in this game. When you successfully complete a character’s story, you will unlock a costume for that character which can be purchased from the shop with Fight Money.
  • Survival Mode: Mode to test skills. You have to defeat many enemies with many limitations. This mode also includes features that can be used to improve EX gauge and scores. When you successfully complete Survival Modeyou will unlock a new costume color that matches your level.
  • Training Mode: Mode to practice your skills. This mode also brings features shortcutswhich can be accessed via touchpad.
  • Network Battle: You can fight against other players in Ranked Matches or Casual Matches.You can wait for your opponent on the menu screen, training mode, and in Story Mode.
  • CFN: Capcom Fighters Network will connect all players around the world. You will be able to see global heatmaplooking for rivals, viewing replay to find new strategies, and more.

Capcom will also add other modes and features after the game is released. This new content can be obtained for free.

Street Fighter V will be released on July 16th for PlayStation 4 and PC.