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Sony Adapts Venom Into a Franchice

Previously, Sony worked with Marvel to do reboot story Spider-Man, now they go one step further to expand the new story of the Spider-Man Universe through the project Venom. For that, Sony has appointed a story writer Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow, Sleepless Night) to develop the story.

Venom is expected to be franchise new that has no relation to the movie Spider-Man reboot, starring Tom Holland. Avi Arad and Matt TolmachSony executives involved in the film Spider-Man, will produce this film adaptation.

The Venom character itself is well-known as an enemy in the Marvel comics world, especially those related to Spider-Man. It first appeared in 1984. At that time, it was said that there was an extraterrestrial being in the form of a thick black liquid that suddenly fell to earth.

Like a parasite, it needs a place to lean on in order to survive, which is usually a human. The extraterrestrials give their hosts extraordinary powers. The combination of humans and extraterrestrials is called Venom.

In the development of Marvel comics, this black creature was once known as the main enemy slowly turned into antihero, even once described as a good figure. So far, it is not known what version of the Venom adaptation will be produced by Sony.

Venom first appeared on the big screen Spider-Man 3 (2007). In the film, he is a black evil figure who influences the nature of his host to do something fairly aggressive. The weakness of this creature is the clanging sound produced from the iron. To refresh memories of this one foe, watch Spider-Man’s fight against evil in action below.