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Showtimes and Posters of Comic 8: Casino Kings part 2

Production house Falcon Pictures has confirmed the movie show schedule Comic 8: Casino Kings Part 2. As reported by Liputan6, this release date can be seen in the official film poster that was sent today, Thursday (21/1/2022).


This poster includes the release schedule of the film being directed Anggi Umbara This event, which is July 3, 2022. This certainty provides good news for fans who have been waiting for the hilarious actions of comic agents led by Indro Warkop.

What’s interesting, posters Comic 8: Casino Kings Part 2 looks ‘sexy’ because the concept is like playing cards. “We purposely made posters Comic 8 Casino Kings Part 2 it’s an ambigram, like playing cards. Because, in accordance with the theme of the film, “said the producer Falcon Pictures, Frederica.

The second part of this film tells the continuation of the story of eight comic agents who are assigned to uncover the guise of a gambling king on a secret island. Their adventures are not only full of action and danger, but also ridiculous that makes us laugh out loud.

Film Comic 8: Casino Kings part 2 this film cost almost Rp 20 billion. Apart from showing famous comics, this film also presents actors and actresses across generations such as, Barry Prima, George Rudy, Willy Dozan, Lydia Kandau, Donny Alamsyah, Yayan Ruhiyan (aka Maddog) and Agus Kuncoro.

“I hope Comic 8: Casino Kings Part 2 can be more successful than Comic 8 Casino Kings Part 1,” closed Frederica.

Are you a Comic 8 fan? What do you think about the new poster? We are waiting for further news from this film.