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Show Ryuuzaki death note on cover, english movie magazine sold out

10 years seems not enough time to erode popularity Death Note in this world. This is evidenced by the exhaustion of a film magazine that was sold at a film festival in Germany, far from the reach of his fans in Japan.

At the 66th Berlin International Film Festival which was held in Germany on 11 and 12 July, the British film magazine “Screen International” released a special edition for the festival featuring Sousuke Ikematsu as Ryuuzaki who will appear in his new film this year. This special edition featuring the first visual goes on sale on the first day of the festival alongside a special screening of preview the film.

screen-daily-bigUnexpectedly, the 10,000 copies sold out very quickly. The visual is indeed quite unique, showing Ryuzaki wearing a mask Hyotokko which was also used by L in his previous film several years ago.

Death Note live action anime film movie fantasy cultNow please pray preview which is played in the festival we can immediately watch via the internet.