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Shirobako Season 2 will most likely be made

On one of the occasions at the event Tokyo Anime Awards Festival (TAAF) July 20 last. Kenji Horikawa (served as CEO of PA Works), Judge Kimura (voiced by Aoi Miyamura in Shirobako), Kohei Kawase (from Warner Entertainment Japan), and Takayuki Nagatani talk about ‘possibility’ Anime Shirobako Season 2 or its sequel.

When asked about “If a sequel was made, what kind of Shirobako would you like to see?”. then Horikawa replied “We have a lot of materials to make the sequel (Shirobako Season 2), for example when Aoi returns to his hometown and teaches anime classes for children.”

Then a new question arises, will there be a sequel to Shirobako? Nagatani said “We want people who watch Shirobako to get a lot of stuff in it. If we can decide on the right theme, there might be a chance (there will be a sequel).”

Shirobako Season 2 (Probably)

Synopsis of Shirobako, focuses on Aoi Miyamori, a production assistant at an anime (fiction) studio called Musashino Animations. Tells about everyday stories and problems faced in the process of making Anime. In addition, Shirobako also discussed about everyone involved in making the anime. For example, Key animator, CG Animator, a voice actor, and also a script writer.

Shirobako is suitable to watch for those of you who want to know how the process of making Anime along with the pleasures and difficulties experienced by the people involved.

Anime Shirobako Season 1 aired in October 2014, Cruchyroll site has also streamed it. Are you interested in watching Shirobako? Or are you more interested if Shirobako season 2 or its sequel will be made? well, all depends on the feeling.