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Sequel to Shokugeki no souma airing in summer 2022

The official Twitter account of the series anime Shokugeki no Souma only just announced the title of the sequel which will continue the battle of the cooks. Titled Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara which means the second plate, anime it was also announced to be airing starting this summer.

After being confirmed in December that anime this will get a sequel, they also added a PV that aired a few days after the announcement was released.

Season The first of the series aired in 2015 from July to September for 24 episodes. This series tells the story of Soma who works at his father’s family restaurant. One day, his father then enrolls Soma into an elite cooking school that has a passing rate of only 10 percent. At the school, Soma meets great people who are no less skilled at cooking than he is.