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SAO Ordinal Scale Character Design and Visuals

Previously I have informed about SAO Ordinal Scale ShowtimesThis time a new Visual as well as character designs appeared which finally provided meaningful indirect information.

First SAO Ordinal Scale Visual

In the visual above you can see Asuna looks confused, I still don’t understand why Asuna is making such an expression. Then Kirito? like the previous Visual, the expression was the same.

Then the issue of the latest character design, how? quite dynamic isn’t it? Previously, the costumes used by Kirito and the Harem Characters (+ hidden Waifu, Klein) wore many accessories and each had their own characteristics. But now everything looks the same, the only difference is the color of the clothes and also a little here and there.

SAO Ordinal Scale Design 01

SAO Ordinal Scale Design 02

In addition to the latest Visuals and also the character designs of Kirito, Asuna, Klein, and others. there is still a lot of other information that we must drain together. I hope one thing, I hope this SAO Ordinal Scale Movie has an interesting and good story. At least it almost equals the suspenseful SAO Season 1.