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Saekano Anime Season 2 has been announced!

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata or usual in short Saekano just finished its first season last season, and immediately the anime that tells about how to become a true heroine immediately gets its second season.

I took this information from the official website, after you open it soon a pop-up will appear containing an announcement that says “Zokuhen Seisaku Kettei” which means a continuation project of Anime Saekano Season 2 confirmed.

Saekano Season 2 Information

Sure enough, the Saekano Anime last season did seem half-assed, no definite results were obtained. It’s just that the Heroines in the anime have gathered together with the Lucky Otaku who wants to make a Game.

Besides that in their first season they only completed one Flags only in the game that is being worked on right. I just hope that Saekano Season 2 will later provide meaningful developments in the games they make.

Fans like me of course still want to see the innocent and new Megumi kato in the Otaku world, how about you? who are you waiting for? is the action of the Duet utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura who always have things to argue about.

Saekano Official Site

what is uncertain now is the Saekano Season 2 showtime, as soon as the Announcement is published, we will immediately notify you. So, look forward to it.