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Riot is Developing League of Legends Mobile!

Riot Games is developing League of Legends Mobileaccording to a new report from Reuters. Outlet citing several sources who are said to be familiar with the matter.

In a report stating Riot Games and its parent company Tencent Holdings are working together to create a mobile version of the hit MOBA.

Riot is Developing League of Legends Mobile!

League of legends 1

League of Legends currently available on the platform PCso switching to another platform would be a first in the game’s history.

In a report from Reuters, it is said that the mobile version of League of Legends is in development for more than a year. It is unknown when the mobile version of the game will be released, it is unlikely that it will be released this year according to the report.

The Reuters report also discussed reports of tensions between Riot and Tencent last year. The report states that the two companies clashed with different opinions because Tencent wanted to develop a mobile League of Legends game. Initial reports said Riot turned down an offer to make a mobile version.

Big games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite and Call of Duty have moved to the mobile platform to take advantage of the market. so it’s not too surprising to see League of Legends do the same, assuming this report is accurate.

Source: Comicbook