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Riot Games Will Release Animated Movie League Of Legends, Arcane!

Developer of the game League of Legends already announced that they are working on several new games that they will launch soon. In addition, it is known that Riot Games also disclosed that it is currently working on an animated series film project.

Riot Games revealed that this animated series film project is called Arcane. This arcane will use the MOBA League of Legends game as the basis for the story that they plan to release in 2022.

This news is known through an upload shared by Riot Games through their official twitter account.

Highly Expected By All Fans

From the upload, it can be seen the emergence of several characters in the League Of Legends game. As is well known, previously Riot Game has also had experience making some of the best animated cinematics in the film industry over the last few years.

With Riot Games’ experience in making animated cinematics, anime fans will look forward to the release of Arcane. Especially those who like the MOBA League of Legends game.

Arcane itself is one of many projects currently being developed by Riot Games. Previously, they revealed that they would soon release new games in the form of card games, fighting games, FPS, and TeamFight Tactics Mobile.