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Riot Games' Plagiarism Case in Mobile Legends is Successfully Won

Dafunda Games – I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against Moonton. News of the trial has not yet been published to the media. But today, there is news about the outcome of the trial which was won by Riot Games as the developer of the League of Legends game. Moonton itself was reported by Riot Games for cases of plagiarism ranging from heroes, skins, maps, turrets, textures, and others.

Through their games, Moonton has collected more than millions of dollars. Moonton himself is required to pay a fine of 19.4 million Yuan or the equivalent of 41.6 billion Rupiah.


Indeed, ML is indeed considered plagiarizing various items in League of Legends. They have even encountered plagiarism several times, even their own employees have also revealed the dark side of the company.