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Queen Elsa Frozen's Little Brother

In 2013, one of the Disney animated films, Frozen success jolted the world of our imagination. The film that tells the story of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa managed to give a deep impression with the song Let It Go as soundtrackhis. However, there are facts that have been overlooked after the success of this film.

In a thread on Reddit, the director Chris Buck said that the father and mother of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna did not die. They made it to the shore, and built a new life. And this fact opens the veil from other Disney films.

Allegations related to Elsa and Anna’s brothers began to emerge along with Chris Buck’s statement. According to him, Anna and Elsa’s surviving parents built a tree house to live in, and then had a son. But unfortunately, they died due to Leopard’s attack, but their baby son survived.

From the statement above, you must have guessed who Anna and Elsa’s younger brother is. If you still remember this Disney movie, you will definitely get the story of a boy who was raised by a group of monkeys in the jungle. Yes, He is Tarzan!!

tarzan-DAFYou definitely don’t believe this. to prove it, watch the youtube video uploaded by ScreenRant. This video will illustrate how this astonishing fact and many more facts will be revealed in this video.

The video also reveals Rapunzel’s relationship with Anna and Elsa, another fact about the mermaid Ariel finding the wreck of Elsa’s parents also strengthens this theory, until it finally comes to Tarzan’s discussion.

What do you think about the director’s statement? Is that statement true? And what do you think of the video that shows these astonishing facts? Give your opinion in the comments column.