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Premiere, Civil War Floods Praise

Captain America: Civil War it will be released to theaters on July 27. However, specifically for film critics and media, this film was held in the United States on Saturday local time. And from the results of the screening, many of the critics praised the greatness of this film.

A number of critics have given brief reactions via their social media. Germain Lussier from Slashfilm for example, telling that behind the fun superhero packaging, Captain America: Civil War presents a complex mystery.

“There are many themes and emotions in this film. Unexpected and VERY good,” he said. He leaked one thing from this film, that the battle scene between superheroes at the airport is one of the most exciting parts.

Meanwhile, considering the airing Captain America only a month after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the comparison between the two films is inevitable. A number of critics considered this Marvel film to be more enjoyable than the DC film.

“I try not to compare Civil War and BvS, but very difficult. This film is successful, because of one thing it lacks Batman v Superman: Fun,” say Mike Sampson. He added that Captain America: Civil War even better than the movie The Avengers previously.

Here are some other responses from film watchers and media: