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Poldark Actor Becomes Nominee for James Bond

Secret agent James Bond still hotly discussed, especially regarding the actor who will replace Daniel Craig this. later, Aidan Turner become the center of attention of many people. The Irish actor is thought to be a strong candidate for the Next James Bond.

Some time ago, Aidan’s appearance when he was shirtless in the television series Poldark made him look like Bond. He has also been in contact with filmmakers James Bondas reported by

Related sources claim that the 32-year-old actor flew to Los Angeles to meet the producers James Bond, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilsonthey last met last week.

A source stated, “Aidan has had initial talks with Bond producers, how many are in LA and will give him further opportunities to discuss the role.”

However, Karen Thrussell dispel speculation by citing the absence of discussion of it. “I’m sure it has nothing to do with James Bond, but we’ll see,” said Producer Poldark that.

Poldark itself is a British drama series that has aired since July 8, 2015 on television channels BBC One. This story is taken from a novel by Winston Graham which tells the story of a British soldier named Poldark who feels the bitterness of life after he returns from his job as a soldier.

Besides the name Aidan Turner, there are several more names that will become strong candidates James Bond next. Call it the Revenant actor, Tom Hardy also the main favorite to replace Daniel Craig, followed by the name Damian Lewis and Idris Elba which has emerged in the last few months.