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Now Youtube Videos Can Be Censored for Security

Youtube has launched a new feature that can censor faces in videos before uploading to protect the privacy of the actor.

This new feature came into effect shortly after many other platforms started enforcing privacy for their users. Indeed, before Google has implemented a system to provide sensors in the form of automatic blur for faces to keep the characters in the video anonymous.

However, the feature released in 2012 is not complete and can only censor the face, that’s why now the feature is more complex and can be used in any condition.

Video creators can blur anything anywhere in the video they upload.

“This feature is available on the desktop version of YouTube, and can be used to blur any object, including moving objects,” wrote YouTube Privacy Lead Amanda Conway.

Yes, this feature is the answer to many video creators who want more privacy in the videos they upload.

Then how to use this feature? quite easy. First select which video you want to edit, then go to the tab “Blurring Effects” in the “Enhancements” and there you will find an image of a box surrounded by any object that is detected by the system and can be blurred.

A little explanation, the way this automatic sensor works is unique. The system will automatically detect moving objects and follow them wherever they move. Not only that, Video Creators can also select certain parts of the Video to blur.

“This tool can be used for a variety of purposes, but we created it with visual anonymity in mind. It’s a simple way to blur people, contact information, or financial data without having to delete and re-upload videos,” Conway continued

Alright, this way you can directly apply censorship without the need to edit which part should be censored in the video before uploading. Really good job Youtube Team. We wish you all the best.