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Novelist Durarara!! do a novel on a smartphone because of illness

Even though I finished light novels Durarara!! in 2014, Ryohgo Narita still working on novels spin-off entitled Durarara!! SH which takes 2 years after Durarara!! over. Like other creators, this busy life makes the novelist’s rest time less until he is diagnosed with illness and must rest completely. But of course “total rest” is not in the dictionary of Japanese creators.

It was reported some time ago that when he visited a dermatologist to check his skin condition, his kidneys were said to be having problems. The cure? “Take a complete rest and let it heal itself,” according to the doctor. However, “resting” here does not mean staying at home and being able to type a novel by sitting at the computer desk because he has to rest by lying on the bed and elevating his legs. The novelist had to spend several months lying in bed. Then how about the job?

durarara!-DAFUNDAInstead of taking time off and on hiatus, he decided to write his novel script using smartphones. Unexpectedly, he said he was working on the script in smartphone proved to be more effective than he thought. Too bad he didn’t mention the model smartphone or its application to avoid promotion. But when he recovered, he said he would return to work on the computer.