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Ninja Game Streamer Banned from Apex Legends!

Content Creator and Streamer Tyler”Ninja“Blevins has been banned from Apex Legends. Strangely, the ban given to this streamer is without any basis, even he doesn’t know why he was banned. When he tried to play Apex Legends, it turned out that he couldn’t access the server.

To date, it is unclear why Blevins was banned by Apex Legends. He has not played the Battle Royale game directly for a long time.

It’s still unknown why Ninja got banned from Apex Legends

Ninja Banned From Apex Legends

To his knowledge, the experience he had gained from the game was very positive. He was among the group of streamers who first streamed Apex Legends when it was released. He also helped build interest in the Battle Royale game before it went public.

Electronic Arts has reportedly paid Ninja $1 Million to promote Apex Legends. So it becomes a strange thing if the company then gives a ban for one of their partners.

Even more strangely, Ninja is a presenter at Game Awards which gave Apex Legends the award for Best Multiplayer Game of 2022. It was also a big night for Apex Legends, and also made its debut at the Holiday live event.

Ninja Is Not Too Concerned About Banning Playing on Apex Legends

Ninja doesn't mind if he gets banned from Apex Legend

When he found out he had been banned during a live broadcast on Mixer, Ninja decided to switch to another game. He didn’t want to bother looking for the cause which would take a lot of time.

It might be different if it happened in the game Fortnite. We’re sure that he’ll probably go the extra mile to find out what got him banned from the game.

Since moving to Mixer, Ninja has more freedom to play other games. Apart from that, he can also take days off to take care of other business opportunities. And this seems to be one of the reasons that made Ninja switch streaming platforms.

Source : Dexerto