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New One Piece Trailer: Burning Blood features Blackbeard

Bandai Namco has released trailers latest forOne Piece: Burning Blood” and also introduces the newest playable character Blackbeard/Kurohige also known as Marshall D. Teach. Trailerfocuses on Marineford arc.

It turns out trailers it introduces one of the game modes in the game fighting this. In mode named Marineford Arc Story, you can enjoy the story of Marineford again arc. The difference is, you will be able to see it from various character perspectives. The Marineford arc is one of the most important arcs in the series, as it involves the end of an era and marks the entry of the story One Piece to the last part.

One Piece: Burning Blood will release on July 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita. This game will also be available on PC, but will only be released in July.