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Never change iPhone Date to July 1, 1970

iOS is a well-known operating system that is relied upon as the main system for the iPhone Smartphone made by Apple. But who would have thought there was a “very” critical and horror bug that could make the iPhone turn off instantly.

Want to know how? quite easy. All you need to do is change the date on the iPhone running that iOS operating system. More precisely, try changing the (not recommended) date and year to di July 1, 1970.

What will happen? After changing the date and year, the Smartphone from Apple will automatically restart or reboot. Then the Apple logo will appear as usual Booting. But don’t take it lightly, because after that you won’t find anything called the simple interface that iOS brings. but the Apple Logo that is displayed continuously or other terms, namely Stuck or freeze.

Julybe for expert users can argue, statements like “it’s easy, just reset!” or “if you can’t just reinstall it! it’s easy.” will not work in some cases. because of the report Sydney Morning Herald, the Stuck condition on the Apple Logo will not change anything even if you reset or change the Firmware though. But don’t worry, the chance of this happening is still only 25%.

Where did this truly critical Bug come from? From what has been traced, of course, the date system in iOS is responsible for this possible damage. Only devices that use 64-bit chipsets experience this, other than that you can breathe a sigh of relief because there are no similar bugs.

What devices are affected by this date’s Bug? the answer is Smartphones that have 64-bit chipsets like iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 2015and other newer smartphones.

The date bug that we’re discussing raises another question, Why did it have to be 1970 that created such a significant bug in iOS? from various speculations mentioned because of basic things. As we know, iOS uses Unix Platform in its development. The year 1970 is the first count of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years in the Unix system date starting from the year that is the problem today. Therefore, it is most likely that this date benchmark is the problem for Apple’s gadgets.

For those of you who use an iPhone or iPad, you should anticipate this. Who knows, there will be friends or relatives who are ignorant and change the date on your gadget.

Then how does Apple respond as the ruler? don’t worry, they have released a patch for this problem and problem solved. but, surely many do not know about the existence of this patch. Due to the habit of lazy users to update.