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Moonton Releases Hero Fighter Silvanna in Mobile Legends

Moonton has just released a new hero in the Mobile Legends advance server update. This new hero is named Silvanna which is a Fighter type hero with Initiator and Charge roles.

This hero has its own uniqueness because it has a basic attack in the form of magic damage that is different from fighter heroes in general. In addition, the skill is a combination of buff and damage. The ultimate skill can also make the enemy locked in one place for a few seconds.

Silvanna Mobile Legends Hero Fighter Skill Details

Skill 1 – Cosmetic Lance

Skill 1 is capable of dealing minor damage and stun to enemy heroes.

Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling

Skill 2 Silvanna in the form of magic damage attacks to enemies. Then pull the enemy affected by the skill in the middle of the spear. This skill also gives a shield to the hero.

Skill 3 – Ultimate

This hero will charge when he uses his ultimate. Then he uses the skills he has in a predetermined direction. After that, this skill will give a damage effect and make the enemy locked for a few seconds in 1 area. Meanwhile, the attack speed of Hero Silvanna will increase.

Passive Knightess’s Resolve

Every damage skill that is issued will decrease the magic defense of the hero. In addition, this skill also provides a mark which if fulfilled will give an effect in the form of increased damage by 30 percent.

This hero has only appeared on the advance server. Meanwhile, Moonton has not leaked the original server. Oh yes, this hero is also nicknamed Zilong’s wife who is a fighter hero too. How about this hero? Is her play pretty as pretty as her face?