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Moonton Presents Leomord's Epic Hero Skin

After previously Moonton issued skins that collaborated with KOF, it is known that the next hero who will get an epic skin is Leomord. The latest info says this horse rider will get a smoldering fire-themed skin.

The newest Epic Limited skin for Leomord himself is named Inferno Soul. As the name implies, Leomord comes in a costume with a fire nuance and Barbiel’s horse is filled with smoldering fire, like a knight rising from hell.

This skin is the 4th trinket released by Mobile Legends for Leomord’s hero.

Later this Epic Leomord Skin can be obtained by doing a spin at the Lucky Box team-limited event.

Effects of the Epic Inferno Soul Skin

His basic attack comes with a red fire effect, then skill 1 without his previously blue horse turns red with fire effects around him.

Then, skill 2 from Leomord also turned red with a fire effect around him. Then, when he summons his horse, Barbiel, the horse’s path effect turns red and there is a burning fire effect.

Skin Effect When with Barbiel

Leomord’s 1st skill with Barbiel, namely Phantom Stomp, changes where before, the blue Barbiel jump stone will turn red and filled with fire, and the ground he jumps has a flaming fire effect.

Then, his second skill, Phantom Charge, also gets a change in effect, when he makes a forward lunge with Barbiel there will be the effect of a fire burning on his body and Barbiel too.

What do you think? Have you provided diamonds to buy the Epic Leomord Skin which is likely to be released on 7 September 2022.