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Moonton Introduces New League For Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

As we know, Mobile Legends is currently one of the most developed mobile MOBA games in Indonesia. In addition, the Esports industry of this game can be said to be very large because it is developed continuously. 2022 will be a year full of tournaments in the country.

In addition to MPL which will take place again soon, of course, game lovers from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang already know that the second MLBB World Championship or M2 will also be held in Indonesia. This was officially announced at the M1 grand finals in Malaysia in November 2022.

As the developer of Mobile Legends, Moonton is known to have just announced that they will soon hold a new league called Mobile Legends Developmental League (MDL).

MDL Second League Mobile Legends
new weekend.

True to its name as a developmental league, Moonton invites as well as teams currently participating in MPL. This aims to field the second team and also open up opportunities for other teams to participate.

Enter Through the Offline Qualifier System

According to information, teams outside the MPL ecosystem will compete for the opportunity to join MDL through the offline qualifier system. All applications that enter to take part in the first season of MDL will be selected by Moonton.

Of course this makes the current Mobile Legends leagues number two, namely MDL and MPL (Mobile Legends Professional League). Later the MDL tournament itself will have a system that is quite different from the MPL.

Because as we know, currently MPL is only followed by big esports organizations such as Rex Regum Qeon, EVOS Esports, Onic Esports, and others. This MDL will provide opportunities for local teams in Indonesia to play in the national arena.

“We are certainly very excited to finally be able to develop this Mobile Legends Developmental League. We believe that the existence of MDL certainly opens up opportunities and ways to become a pro player. As we know that the Esports ecosystem itself is growing very quickly and of course we want to take more part in developing and maintaining the existing ecosystem. And according to our vision, we currently have a complete tournament from amateur league to professional league.”

Said Lucas Mao, as Commissioner of MPL Indonesia

Things to Know about MDL


MDL itself is planned to start in June and will last for approximately 2 months. Where the regular season and also the playoffs will be held in Jakarta for a start.

To be able to participate in the MDL, each team must first go through an offline qualification. They also say that this system is more effective in making the competition more competitive.

In addition, team selection can be done transparently because all matches will be broadcast live like MPL used to be. By joining this MDL, the teams competing in MPL have the opportunity to start looking at new players who have more competition.

MDL is also a dream for semi-pro players to be able to show off and show their agility. With the hope of course after this league is finished they can go further, namely in MPL.

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It’s interesting to wait, will MDL be as successful as MPL? Do you think it will be successful? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.