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Mobile Legends Will Return to Present an eSports Competition this Year!

In 2022, Mobile Legends entered Indonesia and began to attract the attention of gamers to this day. This can be seen from the download achievement of 300 million users through the application on Andorid.

When its popularity rose, Mobile Legends began to target eSports competitions. One of the tournaments they organized called MSC at Atrium Mall Taman Anggresk, Jakarta managed to attract a lot of spectators at that time. In that competition, many countries took part in the 2022 MSC event.

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To repeat their success, Mobile Legends will again present competitions on a national and international scale. Not only that, Mobile Legends will also present a league where it will be given to non-professional Mobile Legends players.

Mobile Legends hopes that with the tournament, players can find themselves and make Mobile Legends gain popularity again.