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Mobile Legends Season 8 Update Will Soon Be Released

Season 7 of Mobile Legends will end soon and now Season 8 will soon be released. Montoon as the developer must have prepared the latest Mobile Legends update to welcome Season 8. There are many updates that Montoon will do to make Mobile Legends more interesting to play.

Update Mobile Legends Season 8: Selection Helper Feature Until the Number of Hero Tires Increases To 4

Update Mobile Legends Min
Draft Mode Pick | Mobile Legends Forum

The latest Mobile Legends update will later feature a new feature called Selection Helper where in draft pick mode you can choose a hero even if you are in a position below. In addition, this new update will make the number of hero tires to 4 heroes before only 2 heroes.

Then, the latest update also makes rank adjustments from Season 7 to Season 8. Rank changes due to reset will occur as follows:

Update Mobile Legends 1 Min
Reset hero rank | Mobile Legends Forum

The Lord Will Be More Violent And The Battle Spell Will Also Be Improved

Update Mobile Legends 3 Min
Lord | Mobile Legends Forum

In addition, there is an update that is very interesting. So in this latest update, Lord in Mobile Legends will be equipped with long range skills and Knockup Skills will be increased. Then, they will also increase Battle Spell abilities such as:

  • Iron Wall will reduce damage from Tower attacks.
  • Aegis will give a Shield to the team member who has the lowest HP.
  • Weaken will prioritize enemy heroes with the highest attack damage within the spell range.
  • Movement Speed ​​Sprint will not fade in the first few seconds of use.
Update Mobile Legends 2 Min
Battle Spells | Mobile Legends Forum

Meanwhile, for heroes, there are also changes in this update. There are 3 heroes that have been updated, namely Kagura, Lesley and Chou. Kagura will later be adjusted to the distance of her skill attack. We need to know that, Kagura has an Ultimate Skill which is quite difficult for opposing players. So, from that Montoon will remove the specialization of this skill from Kagura.

Lesley is also like that, he is considered quite strong if played in ranked mode. The external ability to be able to keep the lane in the early game is something that enemy players often complain about. In addition, he also has a fairly long attack range and very large burst damage in the late game. So, from that Montoon will adjust Lesley’s abilities for the latest update.

Meanwhile, Chou has a different fate from the two heroes earlier. In the latest update, Chou’s hero will get a skill increase. This was done because Montoon saw that Chou’s hero was rarely played in ranked mode. So, from that try playing the hero later and feel the difference.