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Mobile Legends Introduces New Gameplay Mode Named Chess-TD

Reportedly Moonton will bring up a new gameplay mode in the Mobile Legends game. This new gameplay mode, named Chess-TD, will appear in the 1.4.20 patch update.

Junebe for you DOTA 2 players, the term Chess-TD is not foreign to your ears. Chess-TD (Tower Defense) there has been the emergence of DOTA 1, where in Dota Allstars there have been many custom gameplay models with the Tower Defense genre at that time.

Chess TD Mobile Legends Resembles Auto Battler Game genre

The Chess-TD gameplay system of Mobile Legends will also be almost similar to the one in DOTA 2. The difference is that the Chess-TD gameplay system in Mobile Legends resembles an auto battler genre game.

Each player earns gold by killing enemy minions. The gold obtained can be used to buy new heroes or upgrade them.

The Winner of This Gameplay Is He Who Is Able To Protect Harper From Minions Attack

Chess Td Ml Min
Chess-TD Gameplay | Youtube

In this gameplay, 30 maps will be provided, where each player will be given a random map. In total there are 31 heroes that you can choose from in this game.

In addition, there will also be 16 synergies from 10 factions and various roles that can be combined. The winner in this gameplay is he who is able to protect Harper from being attacked by enemy minions until the end of the game.

Players are expected to be able to perform combos when performing combine to protect Harper from the minions.

You can play this gameplay mode from November 1-14 2022. If this gameplay mode reaps a positive reaction by the players, it is not impossible that Moonton will make it permanent in the future.

Well, what do you think about this Chess-TD Mobile Legends gameplay mode. Does it have an interesting gameplay mode or is it boring? Please give feedback in the comments column yes!