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Mobile Legends Banned Thousands of Accounts Using Hack Map

Nowadays, to play games, there are various types of cheating in it. One of them in the game Mobile Legends which is being played a lot among the youth. In the game, a cheat has been made by setting the map to make it look wider (hack map). Of course this is very unfavorable for opponents who play normally.

But fortunately Moonton’s party has succeeded in banning the account that cheated with this hack map. It was reported that there were 500 thousand Mobile Legends accounts that were caught using this fraud. Of all the accounts that were successfully banned, most of them have reached mythic rank. Of course this is very unfortunate because we know that it is the highest rank in Mobile Legends.

This hack map is very beneficial for its users, because by using this cheat the player can see the enemy even further. This can destroy all the opponent’s strategies, and players can play easily. Especially for you Johnson hero users, it will be very easy to find a target and hit him. Appreciation for moonton who has managed to solve this problem, and we will have more fun competing in Mobile Legends.