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Memorize his father's password, this boy spent 82 million on his father's iPad

Don’t know why, Mogamed Shuga was shocked by the number he saw on the credit card bill. The 32-year-old father had to spend 5,900 US dollars (approximately Rp. 82 million) to pay for the Mobile Game Renewal transaction.

Of course he was surprised, because all this time he felt he had never bought anything when playing games, or any transactions related to games on his account Apple hers.

However, upon further investigation, it turned out that it was his son who caused the fat bill. Faisall ShugaMohamed’s son has made his father have to pay for transactions that he did not do.

Apparently The 7-year-old boy has “HEART” his father’s Apple ID password. So that the child freely buys and updates paid games.

There were at least 65 game transactions from December 13 to 18 2015. And the game with the most renewal activity was Jurrasic World on the iPad, choosing Mohamed.

Under the pretext of not knowing anything about online transactions involving real money. The father certainly does not want to blame his son always. So he chose to report this to the authorities, in this case Apple. .

“I’m 32 years old, why does Apple think I’m going to spend a lot of money buying dinosaurs and updating games?” he asked.

“Why don’t they e-mail me and check if I know all the transactions? I didn’t get any notification,” he protested.

At first Apple responded to Mohamed’s complaint nonchalantly. Apple said that they are not responsible for Faisall’s actions. Knowing this, Mohamed immediately replied by saying he needed money for his children’s Christmas gifts.

Finally, Apple melted and freed Mohamed from all the fat transactions caused by his son and allowed him to enjoy Christmas without worrying anymore.