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Mark Hamill to Voice Joker

Player Luke Skywalker in franchise film Star Wars, Mark Hamill will become one of the popular characters from DC Comics. The 64-year-old actor will play the voice of the character The Joker in the animated film Batman latest from Warner Bros. Pregnant will be accompanied Kevin Conroy who is the voice of Batman.

“To be able to partner Kevin Conroy, my favorite Batman once again, is a dream come true. Moreover, this time the adapted story is origin story Batman’s sworn enemy,” explained Hamill, as quoted by Variety.

Stories from picture novels The Killing Joke will be adapted by studio Warner Bros. Illustrated novel Alan Moore which was released in 1988, will tell the origins of the legendary villain and Batman’s arch-enemy who is always smiling, The Joker. The novel also depicts The Joker’s efforts to overwhelm police officer Jim Gordon and Batman’s painstaking efforts to stop him.

This animated film will also present Tara Strong as the voice of Barbara Gordon or Batgirl, and Ray Wise who will voice cop Jim Gordon.

This isn’t the first time Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy have voiced DC Comics characters. They first voiced together since 1993. After that, they became subscribers to the voices of the two famous characters, whether for animated films or DC video games. Prior to this, their latest project was a television series Justice League Action targeted for release this year.