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Made it to China with Photoshop failed

Who doesn’t have the desire to travel the world? Traveling the world is everyone’s dream, including you, right? Nowadays traveling around the world is not difficult, yet there are many aircraft fleets ready to serve on trips to various countries.

Well, there are several things that are a problem and hinder those of you who want to travel the world, namely money. However, if you don’t have a lot of money for this, you can still ’round the world’ easily. Just have Photoshop and skills god in photo editing, you can be in various parts of the world easily without having to spend a lot of money.

Many people share the results of their Photoshop edits on social media, such as Facebook or path, instagram etc. Not infrequently there are even destroyed photoshop results that are also shared on social media accounts.

the worst-photoshop-editing-of-historyIn contrast to this severe edit, there are actually people who are lucky to be able to travel the world thanks to their failed Photoshop edits?! this is one of them.

Around the World Because Photoshop Failed

So eager to go to China, a woman from Kenya named Seve Gat, asked his friend for help to edit his photo as if he was on vacation in China. Even though his friend’s photoshop edits were a mess, Seve Gat still posted the edited photos to the internet. Seen him posing against the backdrop of China’s walls and other tourist attractions, but still with a completely failed edit. Don’t forget Seve also completely includes caption funny that he is happy to be in China.

photoshop-fail-go-to-china-1photoshop-fail-go-to-china-2 photoshop-fail-go-to-china-6

Because of the failed Photoshop results in this post, Seve Gat has also become the ridicule of many internet users. Even though Seve had absolutely no intention of deceiving that he was actually in China.

photoshop-fail-go-to-china-3 photoshop-fail-go-to-china-4

Seeing Seve being made fun of for his dream, a entrepreneur in Kenya benama Sam Gichiru feel touched. Sam and his friends finally raise funds to help Seve visit China.

Sam says:

Some people dream and forget it, others dream and write it, draw or with Photoshop.

Thanks to his persistence to keep on dreaming, Seve finally really went to China. The money for tickets, accommodation and insurance was collected by Sam and his friends. Seve just got a passport and left for China. Cool, right?

So, come on! Don’t hesitate to dream and try to achieve your dreams!