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Lots of Interest, ESPN Creates a Special eSport Channel

Every year the game tournament event is getting bigger and bigger. The enormous prize value – up to US$ 19 million – and world titles, such as The International DoTA 2, Frankfrut Major, CS Online World Championship, are one of the reasons why many eSport teams appear in total every time a tournament is held.

Seeing the great enthusiasm of many eSport teams competing and eSport fans watching each competition event, ESPN which is one of the largest sports channels in the United States, has just announced that it will start covering competition events gaming with the debut of the ESPN eSports channel.

The launch of this special eSports channel is actually the opposite of what the President of ESPN said, John Skipper in 2014, who said that eSport was just a competition, not a real sport.

Complete with account The official TwitterESPN eSports will feature complete broadcast content about eSports from interviews, coverage behind-the-scenesand full report post-season professional leagues.

“This launch is our way of getting closer and closer to an incredibly growing audience,” said Chad Millman, editor in chief at ESPN. techradar, Tuesday (19/1/2015).

To oversee the ESPN eSports channel, ESPN has recruited several big names from the eSports world, such as Darin Kwilinski, Rod Breslaum, and Tyler Erzberger experienced from eSportspedia to Major League Gaming.

The first ESPN eSport will prove its commitment to the North America ‘League of Legends’ Championship series which was held on July 16, 2022. In addition to League of Legendsthe plan is that ESPN eSports will also cover the match DoTA 2, Heartstone, and Hello 5: Guardians in more detail and depth.

It’s quite interesting to see how eSports have started getting a lot of attention from various parties, and in the future it will certainly develop even better. What do you think about this very global eSport? Share and leave your comments below.