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Local Movies, The Great Actor Featured at the Korean Box Office This Week

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has begun to fade in South Korea, new films from various countries are getting ready to grab the audience. But fortunately, local films are no less competitive. Just look at the ticket results that have been sold for the latest Korean film The Great Actor. Since its initial screening last week, this film has managed to sell 127,897 tickets.

As reported Korean Film Councila drama film starring Oh Dal-Su (Assassination) this managed to collect 854,254 US dollars. The figure may seem small, but it is the third-largest film grossing at the Korean box office this week.

This film tells about the struggle of a less popular actor, Jang Sung-Pil, to make it into a famous actor. This film is the director’s first debut Seok Min Woowho had only been assistant directors of popular films, such as old boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Just like Oh Dal-Su, this film also became his first debut as the main character, after previously only being a supporting actor in several well-known South Korean films, including Veteran and Assassination. But apparently his name is powerful enough to invite the audience to the cinema. This film can outperform the film Misconduct starring actors Al Pacino and Lee Byung Hun.

Meanwhile, the top of the box office is still occupied by Hollywood films, namely Zootopia which rose about 16 percent (7 weeks of broadcast) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicealthough Batman v Superman’s earnings decreased by about 71 percent.

Watch the trailer The Great Actor below this.