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List of Must-Buy Mobile Legends Heroes for Push Rank

Mobile Legends game is currently being loved by many people, especially for gamers using Android OS. GameplayIts fun and requires skill and teamwork, making the Mobile Legends game ranked as the 1st best-selling game on Playstore today. For new users, of course, they are still confused about what hero to buy which is good and suitable for push rank up to epic++ level. Well here, I will give some recommendations for the list of Mobile Legends heroes that must be purchased and are the strongest in Season 6.

The following is a list of Mobile Legends heroes that must be purchased to push rank

1. Fighter


Must-buy Hero Mobile Legends 01

Roger is the only fighter hero who can also be a marksman. While still in human form, Roger can attack from a distance using his firearm. When you want to attack from close range, you can use his wolf form. The uniqueness of Roger as a wolf is that he can chase enemies whose HP is dying, and when the enemy hero dies, the cooldown of the other skill will be refreshed so that it can be used again to chase other enemies.

When the enemy feels too strong and your HP is low, you can turn back into a human and automatically get damage absorbing and use skill 2 to increase running speed. Hero Roger can be purchased using 24000 BP or 499 Diamond.


Must-buy Hero Mobile Legends 02

Chou is a hero with the Fighter role, but most people almost always use tank build items for this one hero. Hero Chou is known as the “dipper”, because of his ability to scoop up and kill enemy heroes even though the enemy is taking cover under his own tower.

Chou is very useful for gankers, with the ability of his third attack skill 1 that can stun the enemy, then proceed with skill 2 to run behind the enemy (during this skill process, Chou is immune from enemy attacks), then continued with his ultimate skill, kicking the enemy until into the air and stun it. Hero chou can be purchased using 24000 BP or 399 Diamond.