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Lights Out Trailer, 'Something' in the Dark

A few years ago, a short horror film called Lights Out became a fast-spreading sensation, this film shows how to instill fear in an audience for a limited time. From before the power of the internet like the world today, Lights Out will be transformed into a New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. film. and is scheduled to hit theaters this summer. The first trailer filled with fear has finally been released, showing and introducing viewers to a new creature that will come out at night.

Written and directed by David Sandberg, the original Light Out was just under a minute long, and stars Lotta Losten (Sandberg’s wife) as a woman who is on her way to bed and is suddenly terrorized by a sinister creature. The appearance of long hair every time he turns off the light, this creature will disappear when the light is turned on again, making the woman have to sleep with the light on. Unfortunately, the tormentor has other ideas, ending with a scene that forces the viewer to jump away from the screen.

After the success of this short film, Sandberg was hired to produce a full-length version of the story, with genre titan James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious) serving as producer. Specifically, the scripting assignment went to Eric Heisserer, author of the 2010 New Line A Nightmare on Elm Street remake and Universal Studio’s 2011 remake of The Thing. Wan himself has started his career in Hollywood by making short works that became the beginning of the Saw franchise.

Starting with the same scene as the short version – including Losten who plays it – it is clear that Sandberg made this Lights Out trailer familiar to his fans first. At first, the creature’s appearance doesn’t seem to have changed much, and the gimmick suddenly appears closer to its victim as the light switch is turned on and off.

Of course, it was the naturalness of this story that was needed in making the film from the short version to the full version, with the trailer showing the creature living in the dark is actually someone who goes by the name Diana. This supernatural force stalked Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) throughout her childhood, and is now watching over her younger brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman). A creature that appears to be related to Rebecca and her mother Shopie (Maria Bello), but it’s not clear why the creature haunts her family.

Lights Out will hit theaters July 22, 2022. Watch the first trailer below.