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Lee Jun Ki's Expression Makes Resident Evil Director Interested

When compared to Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki indeed, it is still less famous than the two top Korean actors. But this young actor was able to get a chance to act with Milla Jovovich in the movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. To get a role in this classy film is not an easy matter. Like other actors, he also had to follow the selection to get a role there.

This story begins with an offer to play a Hollywood movie in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter which comes directly from the director himself, Paul W.S. Anderson. Quotes KdramastarsAnderson contacted Lee Jun Ki via email from his agency, Namoo Actors, and said he was interested in his action acting.

“The director said in the email that he was very interested in Lee’s action drama and its impact on Asia,” a spokesperson for Namoo Actors told Reuters. The Hollywood Reporter.

As is known, Lee Jun Ki is famous in Asia thanks to his role in the movie The King and The Clown and Japanese-Korean movies Virgin Snow. He also starred in drama Two Weeks and The Scholar Who Walked The Night. But his fame is not the only thing that solidifies the director’s decision. Paul WS Anderson also had to audition.

“Director Paul WS Anderson, because he doesn’t speak Korean, he watched my acting videos silently and analyzed my expressions and emotions before deciding to recruit me,” Lee said in an interview with Allure magazine. “He didn’t choose me because of my reputation as a Hallyu actor.”

After seeing his acting, finally the director gave Lee Jun Ki the role of Lee, the head of the Umbrella company, who conducts genetic research and is responsible for a virus that turns people into zombies. Lee Jun Ki started filming last fall in Cape Town, South Africa.

During the filming process, he said he was happy to meet Milla Jovovich. “Milla Jovovich’s acting really inspired me. When we shoot, we try to synchronize our action scenes as much as possible and he takes a lot of my advice.”

Last movie Resident Evil this will be Lee Jun Ki’s first ever unforgettable experience in Hollywood. Movies based on video games The same title is scheduled to air in July 2022.