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Leaked New Mobile Legends Hero Revealed, Granger and Esmeralda!

Again, again Moonton doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas to release a new hero or mode in Mobile Legends. Now they will release a tank hero or mage named Granger and Esmeralda. In fact, until now the advanced server has not released any new heroes apart from Faramis, Guinevere, and Khufra.

However, another leak has emerged which reveals two new heroes that Moonton has prepared, namely Granger and Esmeralda. We can see the leaks of these two heroes on the Mobile Legends wiki site, which has released two Granger and Esmeralda slots. The leak is that these two heroes are Tank and Marksman. For more details, we have not received clear information. So let’s wait, further information from Moonton.