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League of Legends Brings Back The Rainbow Icon With In-Game Effects!

League of Legends brings back the rainbow icon. Player League of Legends who didn’t buy the icon Rainbow Fluft Summoner last year had another opportunity to pick it up from the shop.

But this is not just an ordinary icon. Like other icons that qualify the player to complete certain missions or participate in past events.

League of Legends Brings Back Rainbow Icons With Effects!

Rainbow Fluft Icon This will give players special effects in the game to be interesting. You have to make the icon the default and it will increasingly have a rainbow trail running behind you.

This icon was launched last year in support of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobiaand Biphobia (IDAHOTB). The day that is commemorated on June 17th. You have to buy icons and equip them to benefit from their effects. But like last year, the price was only 1 Blue Essence in the shop.

Icon idahotb league of legends

Last year’s icon gave players a custom spawn-in animation, and it’s seen in the video above. And this year it offers a bit more including custom backgrounds for player profiles.

You can pick up icons from the in-game shop for a low Blue Essence fee from now on June 30. Additional effects will be present in the game until the end Patch 9.10say Riot.

Source: Comicbook