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Jonas Cuaron To Work On Future Zorro Reboot Film

Film Zorro which is planned to be recycled is increasingly showing its shape. Now, Jonas Cuaron has been appointed as the scriptwriter. Cuaron is one of the film writers Gravity. He is also the son of a filmmaker Alfonso Cuarondirector of space-themed films starring Sandra Bullock that.

Reported from Ace ShowbizFriday (5/2/2022), Zorro . remake titled Z it reimagines the masked figure as a future hero. New version of character creation Johnston McCulley who was born in 1919, will face tyranny in the future.

Officially Jonas Cuaron to be the screenwriter of this film, Lantica Media officials Antoni Gennari expressed his pleasure, “We feel very lucky to have Jonas in this film, his love for films is evident in his works, he is very talented, his ability to process stories makes me impatient to see the stories he writes,” said Antonio Gennari.

la-et-mn-cuaron-gravity-mexco-20131017-001“When I saw DisiertoI am very impressed with Jonas, the way he makes a suspenseful story, the visuals are amazing and Jonas’s ability to direct the cast, it’s amazing, “said CEO of Sobini Films. Mark Amin.

Senior producer Mark Amin who will release the film Miles Ahead will be the producer of this film with Albert Martinez Martin from Lantica Media and Carni Winikoff and David W. Higgins from Sobini Films will executive produce the film.

However, to this day there are still no details regarding the plot of the story released by the studio. Based on observations The Hollywood ReporterZorro’s recycling project has a high probability of progressing to the pre-production completion stage.

The production process is said to start around July. The production process will be carried out in Pinewood Studio located in the Dominican Republic. In addition to being a screenwriter, it is also reported that Jonas Cuaron will direct this film.

Jonas Cuaron’s latest work is a film Disierto (2015), which he wrote and directed. Disierto is a drama film, a thriller that tells the story of the struggle of a group of people who want to cross the Mexican-United States border, but they have to face racist border guards.