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How Will Descendants of the Sun End?

Along with the high popularity, now the Korean drama series virus entitled Descendants of the Sun has spread to Taiwan. International fans of Korean dramas starring actors Song Joong Ki and actress Song Hye Kyo it also expresses a very strong curiosity how this series will end.

Unlike other Korean television series, which are produced episode by episode. Romance presented in a drama composed by a popular writer Kim Eun-sook this has been completed.

The staff who are members of this series really keep the secret of this series so that the ending of the story is certainly very much awaited by fans and makes viewers surprised. But even though this story must be guarded so as not to leak to the public. Many fans really care how this story will end. Is it a happy ending or a sad ending?

A number of netizens started talking about their own imo on social media about their hopes for the end of the story Descendants of the Sun (DOTS). Some say that Song Joong Ki will die at the end of the story and the same is true with a bad or sad ending.

“If Song Joong Ki dies (at the end of the story), then I will kill myself too.” Said a netizen who responded about the sad ending of the story.

WTF!! Is that how much he loves the actor? Or maybe it’s just bullshit because you don’t want to think about an uncertain ending. This impact is what the Chinese government is afraid of, why they issued an appeal last weekend, after a citizen who was almost blind due to 18 hours of non-stop watching Korean dramas.

However, not many other fans in Taiwan are still positive. They predict the happy ending of this DOTS series. Because of the female lead, Song Hye Kyo said in an interview last Wednesday that DOTS is a romantic love story.

Well, what do you think, Do Descendants of the Sun Happy ending? or even Bad ending that you will get? Give your answer in the comments column yes. ️