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How to View Mobile Legends Account ID

For those of you who often play games, of course you are very familiar with what is called Account ID. Just like other games, Mobile Legends also has its own account ID as an identity marker. However, many people still don’t understand how to see their own Mobile Legends account ID.

Account ID is usually used when you or your friends want to play together. If you still don’t follow each other with your friends, you can search for an account by username or ID. Since usernames can sometimes be the same, we recommend that you search by account ID. In addition, the account ID can also be used when you want to buy diamonds on provider sites such as Codashop or Unipin.

Well, let’s just get into the discussion.

How to View Mobile Legends Account ID

Don’t Forget to Copy

After you get the ML ID, you can copy it in notepad or a note application on your cellphone. This is done so that you don’t bother opening the game when you want to buy diamonds. Especially if you use a potato cell phone, it will take a very long time to open it.

Well, that’s how to see your Mobile Legends Account ID. For those of you who want to know other tutorials, you can check by pressing the button below.

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