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How to Top Up Mobile Legends with Telkomsel Credit

Currently, there are two ways you can do to top up Diamond Legend or refill diamonds in the Mobile Legends game with credit from Telkomsel.

These two ways to top up diamond Mobile Legends will be mutually replaceable when one method fails to use. So you won’t have to worry anymore about missing skin promos, hero characters, bundles, and other items.

Now to make sure about the success of the two ways to top up diamond Mobile Legend with this Telkomsel credit. Make sure your Telkomsel card has a credit value greater than the diamond package that will be purchased later. If the credit has not been filled, you can top it up first at the nearest credit selling point.

How to Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends with Telkomsel Credit

If your Telkomsel credit has been filled and is sufficient for purchasing packages on Mobile Legend. Next, you can follow the tutorial on how to top up a Mobile Legend diamond with the following Telkomsel credit.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

The first way to top up diamond Mobile legends, all you need to do is add Telkomsel billing to the Google Play Store payment service. If you don’t know how, you can see in the article how to add Telkomsel billing in payment services on Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app

    Open the Google Play Store application on your Android phone. Then tap on the icon three line menu to the left of the Google Play Store search field. How to Top Up Mobile Legends via Telkomsel Credit (1)

  2. Menu Payment methods on Google Play Store

    Then tap on option Payment methods after the Account menu How to Top Up Mobile Legends via Telkomsel Credit (3)

  3. Set up the Mobile Legends diamond top up payment option

    The next step is to choose an option Use Telkomsel billing of the payment options offered.

    Next tap on the button ENABLE from available notifications. Then follow the verification steps provided. If successful, you will see the Telkomsel menu options on the Payment methods page.
    How to Top Up Mobile Legends via Telkomsel Credit (2)

Now if you want to use the payment option, you can open the diamond purchase page in the Mobile Legends application. If you don’t know, you can press the plus sign (+) on the diamond section.

Then choose the diamond package you want to buy and make sure you have changed the payment method to Telkomsel if you haven’t changed it before. Finally, confirm the purchase with a password or verify the fingerprint scanner sensor if prompted.

Via Codashop Service, Dunia Games or Unipin

How to Top Up Mobile Legend with the second Telkomsel credit can be through a special service. But before doing this second method, you must first know the game ID you have.

In this case, you can see the game ID via the Mobile Legends account profile page. You can open it by tapping on the profile photo section on the top left. Precisely on the main page of the game application.

Later you can see the ID at the bottom of the Settings menu indicated by the initial ID. You need to note, there are two IDs that are divided into a series of numbers in brackets that indicate the Zone ID. While outside of that is the user ID.

Write down your account ID. Then just visit the Mobile Legends top up site at Codashop, Dunia Games, or Unipin. You can choose from one of the best mobile game top up services.

Easy Ways to Top Up Mobile Legend with Telkomsel Credit
How to Top-up Mobile Legends with Telkomsel Credit | Gadgetren

On the page, enter the user ID and Zone ID in the fields provided. Select the top-up nominal you want to buy and select the payment method to Telkomsel. Also enter an email address if needed and follow the steps given.

Additional information, this second method is usually more reliable to top-up diamond Mobile Legends when the first method doesn’t work.