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How to Sell Mobile Legends Heroes and Skins

The popularity of Mobile Legends does make Moonton have to release new heroes every season. Not only that, they also very often release new skins which are quite appetizing. So, do you know how to sell a purchased Mobile Legends hero or skin?

In Mobile Legends, you can get heroes by buying them at the shop. The prices vary, some you can buy with battle points, some can be obtained using diamonds.

Meanwhile, Mobile Legends Skins can only be purchased using diamonds. But if you want a free skin, you can download the Lulubox or iMLS application via the following button.

Now for those of you who also want to know how to sell ML heroes and skins, just check below.

How to Sell Hero Mobile Legends

How to Sell Mobile Legends Skins

Yes, the way to sell skins is also the same as the steps above. The difference is that you have to choose a trial card for the skin. Make your own prices vary. If you sell ordinary or elite skin, at most it will be 30 BP too. If you sell an Epic trial skin, it’s usually a bit expensive.

Well, that’s how to sell the purchased Mobile Legends heroes and skins. For those of you who want a free hero, you can check the tutorial on how to get it from us. Dafunda Games will continue to share tutorials and tips for many games. So, stay tune on your favorite website, okay?