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How to Overcome Mobile Legends Lag / Slow / Slow

This up-and-coming Mobile Legends game makes us feel at home playing for hours. What’s more playing with friends and can beat the opponent. But there are times when you are playing, the game suddenly lags or hangs. It’s too bad, especially at the last minute, the war continues to lose because of the lag.

Given that your skills are needed on the team, if your smartphone lags, it will reduce the feeling of fun playing Mobile Legends. Here are tips on how to play Mobile Legends without lag.

How to Play Mobile Legends without Lag, Follow these steps

Change Mobile Legends Rules to Speed ​​Mode

The first is by setting the network to Speed ​​Mode. First you open the Mobile Legends application, then open the Settings menu, then in the Basics tab, scroll down and you will find a menu with the name Speed ​​Mode. Please set the menu to the ON position, it will reduce lag when playing Mobile Legends.

Clean All Background Apps (Background)

Second, clean the application background. Mobile Legends is indeed a light game, but if many background applications are running, of course it will be burdensome when playing the game. Previously you had to clean background applications on your cellphone by pressing the multitasking button, and closing all unused applications.

Change Graphic Settings in Mobile Legends

The third is changing the graphics. In Mobile Legends there are three choices of graphic settings, from Low, Mid, and High. If you play with mediocre specifications and connections, you have to change the graphics quality to Mid or Low so that when playing becomes lighter.

Don’t Play Mobile Legends When Your Smartphone Is Charging

Fourth, playing Mobile Legends, not while on the charger. By avoiding this bad habit, these tips also avoid damaging the battery on your smartphone. It’s a good idea to check your smartphone battery before playing Mobile Legends.

Don’t Play Mobile Legends When The Server Is Full

Fifth play during recess or midnight. Full server problems often occur in online-based games, especially for games that are on the rise. The increase in the number of game users can certainly affect the quality of your play. The solution to this is that you can choose playtime when people are working, studying, or sleeping.

And those are the ways to overcome playing Mobile Legends lag, if you have additional, you can share your opinion in the comments column!