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How to get Hero Luo Yi in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is currently presenting their very lively annual event. Titled 515 Party, Moonton shared lots of interesting prizes this time, one of which is a new hero named Luo Yi. Then, how to get Luo Yi Mobile Legends?

Usually, new heroes in Mobile Legends will be sold at high prices starting from 500-600 diamonds (including skin bundles) or can also be purchased for 32000 BP. But, for those of you who are dragging diamonds or BP, you don’t need to worry because this new hero can be obtained for free. If you want to know how to get it, let’s see our tutorial.

How to get Luo Yi in Mobile Legends

Luo Yi ability

Of course, many of you ask how Luo Yi’s abilities or skills are. Luo Yi himself is a support type hero mage who has the ability to control Yin Yang. For the ultimate skill. Luo Yi has the ability to teleport teammates. Luo Yi can bring the whole team (4 teammates + 1 Luo Yi alone).

For those of you who still don’t get the picture, you can check the video below.

Well, that’s how to get Luo Yi in Mobile Legends for free. We will continue to share tips, tutorials and other interesting game news. So stay tuned on Dafunda Game, okay?