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How to Fix the 'July 1 1970' Bug on Apple's iPhone or iPad

A critical bug residing in iOS had time to create a user iPhone nor iPad commotion because of the consequences if changing the date setting to July 1, 1970, your iPhone or iPad will restart and get stuck at the Apple logo. However, this gap can be fixed with a tutorial shared by a user on Youtube.

All Apple devices with 64 bit chipsets running the iOS operating system. For example, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can be easily damaged by this bug.

I’ve already discussed the cause myself 1970 bug that could break iOS in the previous post. In essence, the iOS operating system which uses Unix as its main base has a problem with July 1, 1970 which is the first Count (time benchmark) on Unix.

For those who have already tried out of curiosity about this bug, of course, they are very upset. Because as we quoted in Ars Technica, This bug cannot be fixed. Even if you have entered DFU Mode or even re-flashing the OS (reinstalling) though.

Then, how? can your apple gadget not be used anymore? the answer is YES. a user on Youtube has shared a way to fix this very heart-wrenching Bug. How? there are at least two ways. namely the Easy Way and the way that requires little experience.

How to Fix 1970 Bug on iOS Operating System

The first method is relatively easy, you don’t need to do anything. when your Apple gadget using iOS is stuck on the logo, of course you are annoyed and think the only way is to reset DFU or re-flash, right? no mate. just wait for your gadget to run out of battery. After that try charging and your iPhone or iPad will return to normal.

The second method takes a little work, the difference is that this method saves you time. All you need to do is open your Apple Gadget Case whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. after that try to remove the battery. Then immediately replace the battery connector and simsalabim. It’s just that there is one drawback of this second method, namely that you have to give up the warranty from Apple (the warranty is forfeited).

Video How to Fix the July 1, 1970 Bug on iPhone or iPad

How? is now your Apple gadget fixed? Give your comments about this Apple Bug. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to let them know that this issue has been resolved. For those who have never tried and experienced this, I suggest you to immediately update your gadget so you don’t have to bother with it.