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Here's the Super Cool Mobile Legends Latest Map Update

The mobile game that is being played by game lovers, namely Mobile Legends, has finally published its latest map update. There are several changes in the update including map changes, minion remodels and changes to the location of Lord and Turtle.

mobile legends update

In this latest change, the Turtle and Lord are moved to a more central position from the river. other changes are in the forest monsters as well as the placement of these monsters. Crab monsters are placed closer to the bottom lane and the top lane. The Golem Rock monster was replaced with Spiderling as a new monster in this new map.

mobile legends update

Minions and Lords Get a New, Cuter and More Powerful Look

mobile legends update mobile legends update mobile legends update

Another change is in the mini map which shows the location of forest monsters with different colors. Not only maps, minions and Lords also have the latest appearance changes. In this update, Lord looks more manly, and minions look more attractive than before.

mobile legends update

For the last in this latest update, namely, the change in the position of the bushes which will make 5v5 battles more fun and challenging of course.