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Here Are 3 Spider-Man Costumes, Which Is Your Favorite?

The fans who have been waiting for Spider-Man for a long time are finally cured after the second trailer Captain America: Civil War appear. Because in this film, a spider man will appear, played by a young actor Tom Holland with the latest version of the Spider-Man costume.

In trailers which was just released 3 days ago, Spider-Man only appears for the last four seconds of the video. However, this fleeting appearance has been able to cause turmoil among fans.

This is not only due to his appearance which feels in favor of the Iron Man team. But also the costume design is much different from the previous two Spider-Man uniforms, played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Reported from Geek, here’s a comparison of Spider-Man’s third costume. Which do you think is the coolest?

Tobey Maguire’s version of Spider-Man

This is the first Spider-Man to appear on the big screen in the 21st century.

Sam Raimithe director of the trilogy Spider-Manpays great attention to costumes Super hero this. He and his team made the Spider-Man costume in this film as similar as possible to the comic version.

spidery1The costume that Tobey wears is made a little thick and shows the person wearing the costume has strong muscles. The black cobweb pattern also stands out on the red costume.

Meanwhile, there is a large black spider silhouette located on the back and chest of the costume. The eye looks elongated upwards, with a sharp corner of the eye.

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man

When compared to the first version, the costume used by Andrew Garfield is more dominated by deep blue The Amazing Spider-Man. The spider silhouette in this costume also has longer legs.

spidery2Also, unlike the previous costumes which heavily featured the spider web pattern, this time the pattern was made more subtle. What stands out is the texture similar to the surface of a basketball throughout this costume.

spidery3Perhaps because of the mockery of the texture, this costume was then revised in the second film released in 2014. The basketball-like texture was reduced, the spider web pattern became prominent, much like the version worn by Tobey Maguire. What is different, is the size of the eyes that become very large and tapered at the ends, with a thin black border.

Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man

spider-man appears, in the second trailer of civil warThis latest version of Spider-Man has a much different costume than the other costumes. The chest and arms in this costume are dominated by red material with a slight blue line tucked in the upper part of the guard. The spider web pattern is also thinner than previous versions. At the waist, there is a small bundle that is thought to be a supply of spider webs for Spider-Man.

Not only that, the image of the chest spider in this costume also looks so mini. While the eyes look not so big, with black edges. Interestingly, the ‘pupil’ of this eye can enlarge and shrink, as if the eyes on the costume can match the eyes of Tom Holland wearing this costume as seen in the trailer.