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Guide Khufra Mobile Legends Tank Anti Dead

You often play Mobile Legends but have just met a hero who can turn into a ball? That is Khufra. This new Hero Tank is very famous as an initiator and protector of other heroes during matches. This time, Dafunda Game will provide a full assist Khufra Mobile Legends guide and a tank that is very difficult to die.

For those who don’t know, the desert hero is very suitable as a war opener. The skill he had had an impact on a large area. But of course you need the right build item to be successful. But before that, let’s get to know the hero first and learn how to guide Khufra.

Khufra’s Skills

Guide khufra skill

First, we will discuss what skills this Tank hero has first.

Passive Skill: Spell Curse

Spell Cruse

This hero can increase the attack distance of his basic attack. If the opponent is hit by an attack, he will receive magic damage and reduce movement speed. He can issue this skill every 12 seconds and if he uses a skill that causes Crowd Control, the Spell Curse cooldown will decrease by 4 seconds. Khufra can also recover 6% of the total HP.

Khufra’s 1st Skill: Tyrant’s Revenge

Tyrant's revenger

Tyrant’s Revenge can throw Khufra with a predetermined distance. Opponents in its path will be exposed to physical damage and knockup.

Skill 2: Bounce Ball

Bounce ball

This hero tank can wrap itself around and become a bouncing ball. Khufra’s physical and magical defense will increase by 75% and every time the Bounce Ball hits the ground, the opponent will be exposed to magic damage and the movement speed will decrease.

Ultimate Skill: Tyrant’s Rage

Tyrant;s rage

Khufra can pull all the opponents around him to the front of this hero. Heroes affected by this ulti will receive physical damage and decrease movement speed. If the opponent crashes into the wall, then there is an additional 150% physical damage and the slow effect changes to Stun.

Tips for Using Khufra

Tank type heroes which of course have extraordinary resistance, but there are some things you need to understand when using them. Therefore, Dafunda Game will provide tips on using Khufra and general things that you should pay attention to.

Crowd Control Effect Skills

This hero has a very good CC effect. Even though it’s actually only slow and the possibility of stun is small. Hero Tank as an initiator is very useful with his Ultimate.

Old Skill Cooldown

As a war-opening hero, he has very good skills, but the CD of that skill is quite long so you have to really pay attention to using skills and the right timing.

To disturb or repay the opponent’s hero who is farming, you just need to use skill 2. Guaranteed, the enemy will not dare to come forward and lack money.

Skill Requires a lot of Mana

In addition to Cooldown, this hero user must also always pay attention to which of these heroes. Great skills and most of the areas really squeezed out Khufra’s mana. Make sure you only use the ultimate skill when you really want to war.

The thicker the blood, the sicker

Skill 2 takes advantage of bonus damage from the percentage of total HP. So we Khufra’s blood is very thick, the damage will be more painful. You need blood boosting and defense items.

Khufra Com Combo

Khufra is a Tank hero suitable for initiators. So you have to come from behind when the enemy is really at war with other heroes.

Use Skill 1 to throw Khufra forward, making sure that you hit the opponent so they are stunned. Then, take out the Ultimate Skill to make all enemy heroes come forward so that your teammates who have skill areas with high damage are easier to attack. If possible aim at the wall to be stunned.

After that, it immediately turns into a ball with the 2 Bounce Ball skill. Disturb the enemies around you and let the MM or Fighter heroes defeat them. If a hero tries to escape, you can reuse skill 1 to chase him, then turn into a ball to attack or run away. If sorted then the combo will be:

Skill 1 > Ultimate > Skill 2 > Skill 1 > Skill 2

So that’s the Khufra Mobile Legends Guide for those of you who want to learn to play this new Marksman. Continue this article to Build Anti-Dead Khufra Items.

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