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Guide Kaja Mobile Legends, Best Hero Kidnapper

Kaja is a Mobile Legends hero who has a role as a Tank or Support. The ability to open war is very similar to other Tank heroes. Therefore, for those of you who don’t know this hero, you have to learn Guide Kaja first.

Even though he is a Tank hero, his blood is not too thick, so many make this hero a Support. Now, before discussing what builds are suitable for this hero, it’s better if we first find out the skills and guides on how to play using Kaja.

Skills Kaja

Guide for skills

This Tank/Support Hero has an initiator skill to kidnap the opponent’s hero. Let’s check below passive skills to the ultimate.

Passive Skill: Wrath Sanction

Wrath sanction

The basic attack of this hero sends a lightning bolt to the opponent every second in the form of magic damage equivalent to 150 (+70% Total Magic Power) plus 5% of the target’s maximum HP. This lighting will also run to the closest opponent (up to a maximum of 3 enemies).

Skill 1: Ring of Order

Ring of order

Kaja will issue a skill in the form of an electric ring that grows and shrinks quickly. Alwan heroes affected by this skill will be exposed to magic damage of 180 (+70% total magic power) and slow by 40%. Every damage given to the opposing unit will reduce the cooldown of its passive skill by 1 second.

Skill 2: Lightning Bomb

lighting bomb

Kaja can dash in the specified direction and leave 3 Lightning Bombs along the way. When the unit bomb is touched by an enemy, they will receive 200(+90 total magic power) Magic Damage.

Ultimate Skill: Divine Judgment

Divine judgment

Kaja will pull and hold the enemy target with an electric rope and has a duration of 1.8 seconds. Enemy heroes will receive 360 ​​magic damage (+150% total magic power). As long as the opponent’s hero is withdrawn, his magic defense will decrease by 10 points and kaja will absorb the 2 magic defenses that have disappeared.

Tips for using Kaja

Kaja is a hero with the Tank/Support role and is suitable for initiator and charge. His ultimate skill can kidnap the opponent’s hero which makes the war easier to win. However, there are some things you should pay attention to when using this hero.

Take advantage of Passive Skills

You have to pay attention to this Wrath Sanction Passive Skill. You must often use this skill to repay the opponent’s hero because the attack will spread to 3 other enemies.

This passive skill is perfect for pushing and clearing the troop on the path. Even in war, basic attacks with additional passive skills are enough to annoy other heroes.


As explained above, Kaja is a type of hero who likes harras. Often use the 1 electric ring skill and try to hit the opponent. In addition to dealing damage, the opponent will also be slow and make it difficult for him to move.

Ganker and Initiator

Skill 2 Kaja is very useful for making him move lane quickly. Therefore, he became a hero who had kidnapped the enemy and did a gank to help friends on another lane.

In addition, the ultimate skill that can attract enemy heroes is very useful both when ganking or initiating war. Skill 2 can also be used to escape.

Combo Kaja

Well, you already know the skills and things you need to pay attention to to play it, we will go into the discussion of the right combo. Kaja is a hero initiator so you have to play it yolo. That is, you must be ready to die in the front position even though the blood of this hero is not too thick.

Harras combo

The first combo you can use is playing harras. You must actively attack with skill one, a combination of basic attacks and passive skills. If the opponent’s blood has reached half, dash using skill 2 to the enemy and continue with ulti. Then pull back closer to your friend’s hero. If sorted it will form the following combo:

Basic Attack > Skill 1 > Basic Attack > Ultimate > Skill 2

Yolo Combo

The second combo that you can issue is by utilizing the ultimate skill. This combo is very suitable as a war opener by kidnapping an opposing hero. But remember the success of the combo is not high.

You have to approach the opponent’s hero first, if you have the opportunity to use ultimate to attract one hero, it is recommended Fighter or MM. After that, use skill 2 to dash near your friend, the electric balls that are released are of course hit by the tied hero.

After that, take out skill 1 and hit it using a basic attack. And let your friends hit it too. If sorted it will be like below:

Ultimate > Skill 2 > Skill 1 > Basic Attack

Well, that’s an introduction, a few tips on using guides and combos that can be used from this Kaja hero. Continue this article to Build the Best Kaja Support Items.

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